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Get To Know The Fish: Part 1

Panoramic mountain views, beautiful sparkling waters, and incredible wildlife are all parts of what makes Alaska marvelous, but the main attraction tends to be the fishing. People come from all over the world to get the chance to battle the fish in Alaskan waters, like the Yentna River. Northwoods Lodge is a great place to find comfortable lodging, experienced guides, and access to some of the best fishing. They have fishing guides familiar with each fish and can give you great tips and tricks to catch them. Let’s introduce just a few of the many fish you can find while fishing in Alaska.

Rainbow Trout

A popular and possibly the most colorful of fish in the area is the Rainbow Trout. These vibrant fish live about 4 to 6 years in the wild and grow to an average of 20-30 inches long and 8 pounds in weight, but have been known to grow much larger. The Rainbow Trout has also been called the Redbanded Trout for its red coloration running horizontally down their sides. Known for putting up a fun fight for anglers, they make for an exciting catch. They can be found year-round but are most active in late summer while the Salmon are spawning. They love a diet of Salmon eggs so using bait resembling the eggs from the spawning Salmon can help you catch some hungry Rainbow Trout.

Arctic Grayling

Another gorgeous fish native to Alaska waters is the Arctic Grayling. Its iconic sail-like dorsal fin makes it easy to identify, and its varying colors make each fish different and unique. Though

most Arctic Graylings are darker in color, they can have a variety of markings and colors ranging from red, aqua, orange, pink, blue, and even metallic gold and silver. The Arctic Grayling ranges from 13 to 36 inches long and weigh an average of 3 to 5 pounds. The best season to be looking to catch larger sized Arctic Graylings is in the late summer when they tend to migrate after having spent the majority of summer spawning.

King Salmon

The most famous fish in the state of Alaska and most sought after trophy fish is the King Salmon, also known widely as the Chinook Salmon. King Salmon tend to range from 15 to 60 pounds and can be 24 to 36 inches long, but have been found at over 50 inches long and 130 pounds. Even though these fish can be monsters of enormous size, certain techniques will help you reel them in without battling it out too much or breaking your gear. To fish for King Salmon, you will need your regular Alaskan fishing license, along with a King Salmon stamp. May through early July tends to be the best season to go after King Salmon as they begin to spawn towards late summer.

There are many more species of fish swimming in the waters of Fish Lakes Creek and the Yentna River area of Alaska. Book your stay and start planning your trip to Northwoods Lodge for your chance to reel in these fish and claim your trophy catch. The fishing adventure of a lifetime awaits!