Your successful Alaska fishing adventure and wilderness vacation is the reason we are here. At Northwoods Lodge we strive to make sure every aspect of your visit is the best it can be. Our lodging, food, guides and all the little details are about your comfort and enjoyment.  Send us your testimonial below.

Here’s what our customers have to say about their stay at Northwoods Lodge:

“Northwoods Lodge is an absolute diamond in the rough. Having fished with at least a dozen or so lodges over the years, this was my favorite one for the following reasons:

o It is beautiful all throughout

o The fishing is outstanding

o The guide was just terrific and bent way over backwards to get extra fishing in for us and to keep us entertained

o The food is fantastic

o The atmosphere of the lodge and the rooms is great

o Everything is at your finger tips (including satellite TV for the Stanley Cup finals !)

o Eric and Shan are world class hosts who are very welcoming and wonderful to spend time with

I give Northwoods an A+”

Scott Frantz, Riverside CT
Ben Saleeby, Riverside CT

“Our first trip and we already want to come back. Great people and great fishing.”
The Lynch’s
Gardena, CA

“Thank you so much for the wonderful hospitality and your cordial welcome. We are very happy also because my son, Stephano he is very satisfied with this place. Thank you again. Hope to come back soon.”
Dr. Chemello Livio & Son

“What a great time I had at your lodge. The word thanks seems so inadequate, but it’s all I know. You and your crew did a fantastic job. I look forward to returning in the future.”
Ted Owens
Nashville, TN

“This place is heaven on earth. We enjoyed the beautiful lodge, the wonderful food and the fantastic fishing!”
Suzanne and John Schibel
Tampa, FL

“Thank you all for showing us the best time! Don’t know how we managed to fish on such full tummies! The food was AWESOME! Have never seen so many fish in one place. Ryan sure knows how to find those ‘clear water’ ‘GUPPIES’ — HeeHee! You’ve got quite a ‘gem’ here. Thanks for sharing it with us!”
Dick and Lori Stimson
Falmouth, ME

“Thanks so much for all the hospitality. This is one of the most beautiful and relaxing spots on earth.”
Shawn Bohannan
Arlington, WA

“We have fished all over Canada and nothing has come even close to our trip at your lodge. You folks and your personnel made us feel welcome and right at home. The food was awesome! We both took on a few pounds.”
Harold & Barry Fisher
Maple Grove, MN

“Dear Eric, Shan and Incredible Staff of the Northwoods Lodge,

I just wanted to write you this brief note and let you all know just how much fun Joe and I had with you the past few days. As I was planning this trip, I had a vision in my mind as to what I hoped the trip would be and what experiences I would be able to provide for Joe. I can honestly say that the actual experience far exceeded my expectations and the impressions left on my son (and me) will be lasting.
When Joe asked by his sisters and buddies here in Hawaii how the trip was, he miles broadly and just says, “it was unbelievable.”

Joe would not like me to tell you this, but as we were pulling away from the dock in the float plane, Joe got a little emotional and started to tear up. He so loved meeting all of you and you all treated him so well. Thank you again for your patience, your hospitality and your genuine interest in an 11 year old boy.

Please pass our thanks on to Kurt. Joe cannot stop talking about him and truly hopes to have more adventures with him again someday. Joe has a new hero. He made a lasting impression as did you all and I thank you as a father and fellow fisherman. I know that you see hundreds of people come and go over the course of the year, but please know that you have made a great impact on us and while your memories of us may fade, our memories of you will not. It is our hope that circumstances will allow us to visit you again someday to enjoy your hospitality. Wishing you all the best and thanking you for all you did for me and my son.

With Aloha,

Scott and Joe Whiting.”

“Shan and Eric,

I had a ball! You are the consummate hosts. My only regret about my trip was that I didn’t stay long enough. Please remind me of this when I book my next trip.
Shan, the food and hospitality was fabulous. Five stars!!

Eric, is there anything you can’t do? I think that I have met the renaissance man. I got worn out just hearing about all your projects!

Please express my sincere appreciation to the entire Northwoods Lodge family. You are truly great people and I feel blessed to have gotten to know you all. You helped to make a memory that I will cherish for a lifetime.

Continued success,

Gary Meyer”

“Hi Eric and Shan:

We have fished all over Canada and nothing has come even close to our trip to your lodge. you folks and your personnel made us feel welcome nd right at home. The food was awesome. We both took on some pounds.

Now about our guide, “Nate”. I know it must be tough to guide a couple knot heads that was in Alaska for the first time and had never fished salmon in a river before. But Nate took it in stride and in our opinion he is without doubt the most knowledgeable and best all around guide we have ever fished with. He is a keeper.

Thanks again for a great trip – we will be back.

Harold and Barry Fisher”


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