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Come For The Fishing, Stay For The Dogs

Alaska is known for its world-class fishing and expansive wilderness, but one thing that has drawn a crowd since 1973 is the Iditarod. Every march, mushers and their trusty team of dogs take to the Iditarod Trail to race against time in memory of the serum run of 1925. AK lodges like Northwoods Lodge take in visitors from all over the world that wish to travel to the state and view this incredible race.

History Of The Iditarod

Years ago in 1925, the city of Nome was in the midst of a crisis where many of the local children were suffering from diphtheria, and the numbers were rapidly growing. The serum to help the village of Nome was in Anchorage, which was over a thousand miles away. Transportation was limited due to the frigid temperatures so 20 drivers and over 150 dogs relayed to get the serum to Nome before diphtheria could threaten more lives. The entire route took 5 ½ days but the serum was successfully delivered, and the city of Nome could rest easy again.

The Iditarod Today

The Iditarod is still held every March in commemoration of the original race. Though they are not running against the clock to save the lives of a village of 1,400 people, it is still considered one of the last great races of the world. Though there were many dogs in the original event and a few notable names like Togo, a statue of one, Balto, still stands in New York’s Central Park. This year, the 1,049-mile long race is to start on March 3rd, 2018. Teams of mushers and their dogs will be at the ready and take off down the historic trail once again.

Your Stay For The Race

To experience the Iditarod and watch as mushers make their journey down the stretch between Willow and Finger Lake stay with Northwoods Lodge. Every year Northwoods Lodge holds an Iditarod bonfire where you can meet Skwentna locals as everyone shares memories of years past at AK lodges and the race. Mushers have been known to stop out on the ice of the Yentna River and visit with those in attendance of the bonfire. Chinese lanterns are also launched on the night of the restart by Northwoods Lodge. Contact Northwoods Lodge at (800) 999-6539 to experience this phenomenal journey up close and personal.