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Alaska Fly Fishing

Lake Creek and the dozen or so surrounding streams abound with Alaska fly fishing opportunities. June brings Alaska King Salmon followed by early July and chum salmon, pink salmon. Last but never least, Alaska silver salmon (coho) in late July and August, anglers will find plenty of fly rod action. Our best rainbow trout fishing begins in early August when several species of salmon are spawning in Lake Creek.

Only at Northwoods Lodge:

Northwoods Lodge provides only the best fishing gear with top of the line G-Loomis customized rods and reels.  Since 1985 we have offered our clients first class service, excellentAlaska salmon fishing, and a friendly, knowledgeable staff. Fly & spin anglers will sample fishing onlyAlaska can provide. Our Deluxe Alaska Fishing Resort is situated on Fish Lakes Creek, in the heart of south central Alaska’s best angling destination.

June/July – Alaska Fly Fishing for King Salmon

Alaska King Salmon is probably the most exciting Alaskan salmon species that can be taken on the fly. These fish will run from 15 to 60 lbs. and can tax even the best equipment to the limit. We usually fish from shore or wade from gravel bars to pursue these large fish. Casting a heavy fly to Alaska King Salmon requires proper fly fishing technique and gear. Early Kings arrive when river flows are usually high. These conditions require heavy shooting heads and large weighted flies for proper presentation. Later in June and early July water levels are usually much lower and less turbid and kings have been taken effectively on 8 weight rods although ten to twelve-weight rods are normally used.

We like to use

  • Two-handed spey rods can save a lot of effort when fishing for king salmon, especially in areas where back casting is limited.
  • Fly reels for king salmon should be large (3.5-4.5″ spools) and should have a good durable drag system.
  • Leaders are typically 3-4 long in 15 to 30# mono, depending on water clarity and 100 yards plus of 20 to 30# backing is necessary.

Once a fish is hooked, boats can sometimes be used to follow downstream. We have found it best to fight these fish with very light pressure once hooked. All salmon want to go upstream unless something disturbs them.

Once a King turns downstream, if you continue to apply heavy pressure, they will normally continue that way. Ideally, you want to position yourself downstream of the fish and apply just enough pressure to tire them out without turning them downstream. (Easier said than done)

Fly Fishing July/August Sockeye, Pink, Chum and Silver Salmon

These species can provide incredibly fast fly rod action. Alaska Silvers usually are very willing biters and give lots of aerial action and are strong fighters. Silvers are generally stacked up in sloughs or backwater pools just off the main river current so long casts are not necessary. One of our favorite flys for Silvers is a purple Egg-sucking leech variation tied on a 1 to 1/0 hook. Chums are very receptive to Chartreuse coloration. Sockeyes are fished with very sparsely tied flys or a bare Red hook.

  • Sockeyes and chums are extremely hard fighters for their size.
  • Seven and 8-weight rods with floating or sink tip lines are ideal for the silvers and chums and Sockeyes.
  • Pinks can be fished effectively with 5 or 6-weight rods. Use a floating line and a sparsely tied and lightly weighted fly pattern, for sometimes almost nonstop action.
  • Silvers or chums that are found in good numbers in very shallow water will often take a large dry fly or a popper on the surface. One fly that can be very effective top water later in the season is a Pink Polliwog.


Fly Fishing Alaska Rainbow Trout & Arctic Grayling

Early season rainbows & Grayling can be effectively taken with Nymphs, Sculpins, Smolt patterns and usually even Egg & Flesh patterns. Sunny afternoons in June can produce large hatches of May and Caddis flys.

  • Later in July and early August King salmon begin to spawn and Nymphs and Egg patterns are used.
  • From mid-August to mid- September Egg and Flesh Flys are used almost exclusively, however a Mouse or Shrew pattern, fished late in the afternoon can provide some savage strikes.
  • Grayling are migratory and move through our waters in early spring and late fall. The largest Grayling and Rainbows are taken in the fall at the end of the Salmon run.
  • 5 to 8 weight rods work well for this fishery.

Northern Pike Fly action

Alaska Northern Pike are found in the upstream lakes of our home waters and provide some exciting Fly rod action.

  • 8-9 wt rods are ideal for casting the larger Streamers, Smolt imitations, Bass poppers, Mouse, Frog and Leech patterns.
  • Short 15 to 20# leaders with a short heavy 40-50# mono tippet or a wire leader work best.
  • Early season provides the largest Pike 10-25 lbs but great action is usually had all season

Northwoods Lodge has a fully equipped fly tying table, and our Alaska Fly Fishing Guides are all proficient in the art of tying and fly fishing.  Our Alaska Fishing Guides are always eager to introduce a novice to the sport.

Call Northwoods Lodge At 1-907-733-3742 To Book Your Next Alaska Fly Fishing Trip.

Alaska Fly In Fishing at it’s BEST!

Our guests are flown to and from the lodge in the float planes of Trail Ridge Air. There is no better way to see Alaska as you enjoy your scenic 40 minute flight from Anchorage.

Since 1985 we have offered our clients great service, excellent Alaska salmon fishing and a friendly, knowledgeable staff. Fly & spin fisherman will sample fishing only Alaska can provide. Our Deluxe Alaska Fishing Resort is situated on Fish Lakes Creek, in the heart of south central Alaska ’s best angling destination.

Alaska Fishing at Northwoods Lodge Lake Creek and other fresh water tributaries of the Yentna River have some of the most productive salmon runs in Alaska. Our dedicated, professional fishing guides will take you out on our custom boats to fish for huge King Salmon, Silvers, Pinks and Sockeyes, Arctic Grayling, and Rainbow Trout.

  • One Guide/2-4 Clients
  • Flexible Daily Schedules
  • Competitive Rates
  • Fly & Spin Fishing
  • Satellite TV and Internet
  • Fishing Equipment Included
  • Tackle & Hip Boots Provided
  • Family Owned & Operated
  • Private Lake View cabins
  • Sauna & Hot Tub

What Our Guests Have to Say:

“This place is heaven on earth. We enjoyed the beautiful lodge, the wonderful food and the fantastic fishing!”
Suzanne and John Schibel, Tampa, FL

“What a great time I had at your lodge. The word thanks seems so inadequate, but it’s all I know. You and your crew did a fantastic job. I look forward to returning in the future.”
Ted Owens
Nashville, TN