fishing for salmonThe journey for a salmon headed inland to their spawning grounds is long and tiring. Every four years, they make their way upstream from saltwater to the freshwater pools they once hatched from, themselves. Late July and August bring up the very end of our main salmon season due to many of them focused on reaching their destination no matter what. However, when spawning season comes around, many other prized catches are following close behind.

Late Summer Reels

Though fishing for salmon is one of the main draws for anglers on an Alaskan fishing adventure, spawning season creates an excellent opportunity to reel in some of our other prized catches. Trout especially enjoy a hearty meal of salmon eggs; therefore many of our guides rig up their lines with egg patterns. Using eggs for bait draw in some of the most colorful fish swimming in our waters that also put up a good fight for anglers.

Trout, Pike, and Graylings – Oh My!

With all of the trout filling up on the spawning salmon eggs, the trout become hearty and plump. This adds a bit of weight behind the already challenging agility of the rainbow trout. The trout season begins in the late days of July and continues into the late fall. Once August comes to a close and the leaves start to turn to their vibrant cadmiums, siennas, and golds, northern pike also come into their peak season. Arctic Graylings emerge around the same time to wrap up the season and offer fantastic spinning and fly fishing.

Fall Frenzy

The season of fishing for salmon may be coming to a quick close, but there is still plenty of time for a Northwoods Lodge fishing getaway. Test your skills and have a blast reeling in some of the most agile fish in our waters this fall. What are you waiting for? Give us a call or visit our website to view the best times to visit our lodge for each of these incredible fish and cast your line with our seasoned guides. The season is not over yet!