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Getting Ready For Salmon

fishing for salmonEvery year, Alaska becomes a hub for anglers from across the globe in search of world-class salmon fishing. Here at Northwoods Lodge, we are well underway with the new fishing season and are excited for the array of salmon making their way into our waters once more. When it comes to fishing for salmon, we are just as excited as you to get out on the water and start reeling them in as the season unfolds.

Salmon And Their Seasons

At Northwoods Lodge, we have a little bit of an earlier season than other Alaskan fishing lodges. In late May, we begin to hit the waters and start casting our lines for those fantastic catches we seek out every year. King Salmon kick off the first portion of the season from late-May through early-July as they head into the fresh waters to spawn. July brings the other four species of salmon with it. You will notice the numbers of Sockeye and Pink Salmon grow around the 20th of July with Chum not far behind. Once the tail end of July rolls around the final species, Silver Salmon, also known as the Coho Salmon press upstream into our waters for an epic battle on a fly rod.

Guides And Salmon Fishing

When it comes to finessing salmon and coming out with incredible monster catches rather than broken gear, there are different techniques for each fish. Even seasoned anglers from other corners of the world will find a challenge when they hook a salmon. This fact is why having one of our guides along for the ride can be extremely beneficial. With tactful tips and tricks, our professional guides will help you have the best experience possible by sharing information on things like proper baiting techniques, how to finesse your line to keep the salmon where you want it, and ultimately bringing in the trophy fish you came here for.

Lodging On Your Excursion

If you travel all the way to Alaska for an unbeatable fishing trip, there is no doubt that you will be looking for equally unbeatable lodging for your stay. Finding comfort and accessibility is important for a fun and successful fishing trip, and here at Northwoods Lodge, we have just what you need. You will have an unforgettable time fishing for salmon while staying in complete comfort in our lodge accommodations. You can visit our website to get in on all the details of this year’s salmon fishing season and begin planning your very own Alaska salmon fishing excursion with us at Northwoods Lodge!