Alaskan waters are considered some of the best for world-class Salmon fishing. Housing some of the most popular trophy catches and tastiest of fish, it is easy to see how places like Northwoods Lodge are hot spots for anglers. Fishers come from all over to try their hand at hooking these monsters of the deep. There are a few different kinds of Alaskan salmon that take some finessing to get them on your line. Let’s meet two popular salmon that you will find at the Lake Creek lodge Alaska, Northwoods Lodge.

Sockeye Salmon

Sockeye Salmon are also called blueback or red salmon and can be found in the Northern Pacific Ocean around Alaska. They are called red salmon because of their coloration. Sockeye Salmon are blue and silver in color while in the ocean, but when they return to fresh waters for spawning, they transform to red bodies and green heads. Sockeye Salmon can range from 2 to just under 3 feet in length and weigh an average of 5 to 15 pounds. Sockeyes will return to their original spawning point in inland rivers every four years and lay their eggs to begin the new generation. Once their mission is complete, they die, and the cycle repeats.

Silver Salmon

Silver Salmon are often the most feisty of the Salmon family. Averaging at a weight of 10 to just over 20 pounds, these fish are known for their athleticism. Particularly talented in stripping lines and putting up a fight, the Silver Salmon or “Coho Salmon” put angler’s skill to the ultimate test. This Salmon spawns in waters that are more on the shallow side and less gravely than King Salmon, even though they spawn in the same environment.

Are You Ready?

These fish and many more are waiting below the surface of the water, just waiting for your line to cross their path. Are you ready to head out to this Lake Creek lodge Alaska and try your hand at these monsters of the deep? If you are up to the challenge and looking for an Alaska fishing trip like never before, give Northwoods Lodge a call at (800) 999-6539 to book your adventure.