Alaska Fishing VacationThere are a lot of ways to fish, whether it be trolling backwaters, shoreline fishing, or wading in the shallows. One of our favorite ways to fish here at Northwoods Lodge is the classic fly fishing. It is popular on an Alaska fishing vacation to grab a fly rod when you are on the hunt for salmon along with our other all-star fish. Though we have seasoned guides to help you along the way of your fly fishing journey, we have a few fun tips on how to be successful on the fly.

The Best Fly-Bait For Salmon

Salmon are predominantly carnivorous fish and are often in a hunt for prey on their journey upstream, so if they see your bait, chances are they will be biting. Many anglers double hook their lines by placing a second hook just above the initial hook on the end of your line. One key to baiting for Salmon is to have brightly colored flies. Each year the “new hot color” is different but any bright green, pink, orange, and others. When it comes to bait, salmon roe and herring are popular choices for tempting those prized catches.

Where To Cast

The only significant difference in each salmon is where each of them like to swim. The kings tend to swim in the deeper areas of the water near the middle while red salmon swim closer to shallows in medium currents. Silver, Coho, and Chum sit in clear water and may require a darker patterned lure, so they aren’t as easily recognized and blend in with prey a little easier. When casting, you want to flick your line out at the 10 o’clock angle about 20 feet out when onshore fishing and allow your fly to move with the current. Depending on the species you are targeting the distance of your cast and the weight/sinker/bobber combination may vary; this is something our guides can help you identify.

Alaska Fishing VacationFly Fishing With Us

Though some of this information may tend to vary with species, currents, and areas of the river, our seasoned guides will be with you the entire way to make sure every detail is in your favor. Salmon can be extremely heavy and agile so making sure your lines are rigged correctly and all equipment and bait is enticing are the first essential steps to catching these monsters. Salmon give even the most experienced anglers a challenge, so by having a guide with you, we will be able to help you finesse your line to get the most out of your experience and successfully pull in an incredible catch every time.

You can give us a call or visit our website to book your fishing trip and put all of these tips into action. It is your time to get out on the water and get in on the unforgettable experience of an Alaskan fishing vacation at Northwoods Lodge!